What is power flushing?

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November 15, 2015
Why we recommend power flushing your central heating system annually
March 17, 2016
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As a cleansing process that can remove rust and sludge, power flushing can clean the debris in a heating system. There can be many contaminants in your heater and power flushing London is an effective solution for severe cases that may have limited options for solutions.

You need power flushing if…
Your heater makes excessive noise which comes from the boiler or pump – there are areas near the radiator that may be damaged
If your water is discolored – this means that the radiator is experiencing an error
If your heater is slowing down
If your tap water contains lime scale
If you have a new boiler unit that you wish to connect with your old system, then you may need to do the power flushing when replacing it. This helps to remove contaminants that may be present in the heater. When there is damage, you can quickly solve it.

The process of power flushing
Overall, the power flushing purpose is to circulate water around the central heating system. This helps to reduce the noise from the pump and the boiler system. For the best result, you need to perform a power flush so the pressure can help to properly circulate the pump.

It also cleanses the chemicals in the system. The acid can combat the rust and sludge. The cost of power flushing may vary depending on the service. However, you can estimate the price as it also requires a professional to do it. Plus, it is handled quicker when you have someone who knows how to do it.
It can take an average cost of £500 up to £1000, depending on the quoted price and standard. A quote for the expensive process should be given before they do the procedure for a complete boiler system.

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